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We are an artjamming studio centrally located in Singapore. We make it a point to only do art for leisure and not for academics. As such, you will not find any structured art classes here and not feel pressured to paint a certain way. Our art jam sessions and workshops are focused on channeling your creative self while learning specific tips and tricks to help you achieve your objective for that session. Go ahead and unleash your inner child, here is a safe haven for all things artistic!


Cozy location for art jamming and beginner painting workshops. The guide (teacher) was very helpful and you could retain your own ideas with modifications of the workshop paintings. Affordable price for the materials provided. Great for kids' and adults alike

Carolyn Vivianty

Nice cozy little shop in MyVillage that's really a painter's piece of heaven. They play light jazz renditions of popular pop songs which sets to the soft and comforting atmosphere. The shop attendent/artist, Anwar, was absolutely friendly and attentive whenever we needed help. I love it because everyone is minding their own business and leaving you alone so you know that you don't have to worry about being judged for your art skills ;D

Keme Yeo

Starry night + quotes lesson turned a barbarian like me into an artist.

Jon Yeo


Boulevart @ City Gate

371 Beach Road, City Gate #B1-57, Singapore 199597

Operating Hours:

Monday: Closed
Tuesday to Friday: 1pm to 9.30pm
Saturday to Sunday: 11am to 7pm

Whatsapp/Telegram: +65 8922 6046

Capacity - Up to 22 pax