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Watercolour Originals - Rabbit Dreams Postcard - artjamming, Boulevart - Boulevart

Watercolour Originals - Rabbit Dreams Postcard

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Watercolour Originals is a series of illustrations first hand-painted directly onto a Watercolour Postcard, before any reproduction is made with the design. This makes the first piece to be sold completely hand-painted.  

Specs | 152mm x 102mm. Original work, hand-painted on 300gsm Strathmore Watercolor Postcard Paper. Comes with a black envelope with gold trimmings.

Send-it-yourself / We-send-for-you | Your postcard will be mailed to you in its original packaging if you if you choose to send it yourself. We will help you hand-write your postcard and mail it to your recipient for a nominal fee, if you prefer us to do so. Note: If the latter is chosen, we will mail this to your recipient in an envelope, and hence the postage stamp will be affixed on the envelope.