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Cats Coloured Pencils Workshop - artjamming, Boulevart - Boulevart

Cats Coloured Pencils Workshop

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Learn to sketch a cat, followed by application of colours with coloured pencils. Layer on several colours slowly to finally achieve the look of a realistic looking cat, all done with an old-school medium, coloured pencils!

Specs | On A4 Paper. 2-hour session with step-by-step guidance. All materials provided for use during lesson. 

Medium | Coloured Pencils, but would be best to bring your own!

Address | 3/F, 1 Trengganu Street Singapore 058455 (Chinatown) OR #02-12, Oasis Terraces Singapore 820681 (Punggol). **Please take note of the address that you are signing up for!

Pricing | Available at $50