We have wealth of experience serving corporate customers from various sectors, including public sector, oil & gas industry, banking, insurance, marketing, luxury, FMCG, and many others.


Aside from hosting corporate events at our studio, we have completed several corporate events away from our studio - with the largest ever completed being one for a total of 300 pax across one full day and 200 pax at any single point in time.

In terms of quality of service and products, we also pride ourselves on providing the best quality available in this industry - you would never have to worry in case you are looking to exceed your client's expectations. We clearly understand the need for using presentable and quality products that are naturally necessary to impress, particularly for client events.

If you are considering incorporating an art activity for your event, do drop us a note (hopefully with the help of the quick questionnaire below), or call us to receive your quote. 

Contact us if you would like to find out more about our offerings. Please email us at with your corporate email for a quotation by providing the following details:

(1) Name (2) Contact Number (3) Corporate Email (4) No. of Pax (5) Location – Boulevart or Yours (6) Guidance required – Yes/No

 Our corporate clients include:

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(We will be updating this space soon for the corporate clients we have served thus far).