Bringing The Art Jamming To Your Home

Start your painting journey at home now with the combination of our art jam kits and painting tutorials!

BoulevArt Jam is a series of acrylic painting tutorials we made to get you started and inspired. There is no voice-over narration for these videos, instead there will be step-by-step instructions given through visual captions in the video, along with a relaxing background music. In the spirit of art jamming, we wish for the viewers to exercise more creative freedom and not take the step-by-step instructions too seriously!

Access to these video tutorials are available with the purchase of our art jam kits:


You can also buy the tutorial series directly on Vimeo at USD20 (SGD28) to access all episodes (including future episodes) anytime for streaming. We will release a new episode weekly in the month of May and June, to keep you occupied in this COVID-19 period. Subsequently, we will continue to release new episodes at intermittent times and keep this series going!