[Our studio remains closed temporarily, hence art jamming or any guided painting is not available at our studio for the time being. You may consider getting our art jam kits here or arrange for a private workshop at your preferred time and place here.]


We offer one-off guided painting sessions which can be arranged at your convenience. Call us before coming down but otherwise plan ahead and buzz us on Whatsapp to ensure we have available slots.

Guided painting sessions are available in 2-hourly slots at specific timings. Book at your convenience and our teachers will be available to guide you through. Choose from our Evergreen Workshops or bring along your own picture. We will have some picture cards available for selection at the studio.

Please however note that we will not be able to conduct Seasonal Workshops at flexible timings, as those workshops are scheduled only at specific timings. To stay updated on the schedule, do subscribe to our event updates on our Facebook page!

Oasis Terraces (Punggol) | Tuesdays to Saturdays - 2pm & 5pm. Sundays & Mondays - Buzz us to check for availability! Sometimes we do have instructors available on these two days.

Price | Generally $50 for children aged between 6 and 12 years, and $60 for 13 years and above/adults, for 2 hours. Additional $25 or $30 will be applicable for additional hour of guidance. However, do note that we have a few basic painting workshop themes that will be $50 flat across all ages.

Age | No upper limit but we would recommend that kids be at least 6 years and above to enable them to enjoy the session.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Guided Painting

What do we as attendees learn from the guided session? We focus on guiding you to achieve the specific look needed for your painting, as opposed to doing teaching classroom-style with generic techniques, as we wish to steer away from a fixed, structured curriculum. There is also a limit as to how much you can learn within a short span of 2 hours. Our objective is to maximise the value of your experience by focusing guidance in areas which are needed most. 

Do you touch up kids' paintings? No, as a matter of principle we avoid or minimise touching up especially if we think it would be unrealistic for kids to be able to achieve certain effects. We believe that the artwork should truly reflect the child's efforts. 

I have a picture that I would like to paint. How much will this cost? As much as we sound like we are not addressing your question directly, it really depends on your expectation of the outcome (i.e., how detailed you expect your painting to be). It also depends on your speed of painting, and from experience this could vary very widely.