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Gold Leaf Abstract Workshop - artjamming, Boulevart - Boulevart

Gold Leaf Abstract Workshop

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Gold Leaf Abstract is a new workshop which teaches you how to create sophisticated-looking statement pieces for your home, by applying gold leaf to your abstract work. 

Specs | 30cm x 40cm (3.8cm thick) 380gsm cotton canvas,  gold leaf for use. 3.0-hour session with step-by-step guidance. All tools and acrylic paint for use during lesson. 

Medium | Acrylic paint and gold leaf.

Address | 3/F, 1 Trengganu Street Singapore 058455 (Chinatown) OR #02-12, Oasis Terraces Singapore 820681 (Punggol). **Please take note of the address that you are signing up for!

Pricing | Bookings of 3-5 pax stand to enjoy 10% discount and 6-12 pax will enjoy 15% discount. To enjoy discounts, do message us before checking out and we will generate a tailored order for you. Discounts are applicable to selected workshops only. 

Others | For a private workshop, a minimum group size is applicable. If you do wish to book a private session for you and your friends, do give us a call to check for availability before making payment:)