Art Jam Starter Kit

Art Jam Starter Kit

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Missing your art jamming session with us? You can now paint at the comfort of your home with this very affordable starter kit. As a bonus, purchasing this kit also entitles you access to one episode of your choice from our BoulevArt Jam video painting tutorial series (more details below).

This kit includes the following:
- 30x30cm canvas x1
- Flat brush (Large) x1
- Flat brush (Med) x1
- Round brush (Small) x1
- 3ml acrylic colours x12 (naples yellow, primary yellow, cadmium red, vivid pink, ultramarine blue, primary cyan, turquoise, phthalocyanine emerald, chrome green, raw sienna, burnt umber, black)
- 5ml acrylic colour x1 (white)
- Cardboard Palette x1
- Disposable Apron x1
- Access to 1 episode of your choice from the BoulevArt Jam series


*The paints used here are Pebeo Studio Acrylics, painstakingly squeezed into these tiny paint pots. We believe in using quality paints!

*This kit is meant for one-time use, but you can save the left over paint and brushes and paint on drawing block paper, too! If the starter kit is not enough for you, have a look at our explorer kit.

So what is the BoulevArt Jam series?

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, everyone's staying home and learning new things. We decided to start a channel for acrylic painting tutorials for those who wants to paint but don't know how or needs some inspiration. You can visit our channel here:

Instructions to access the tutorial video of your choice are included in the kit.